Sunday, August 1, 2010

King Uncaged

Now that T.I. has served his mandatory 'every rapper must go to jail periodically' sentence, he has been working on his seventh album. Besides having a fascinating album cover, there is much to look forward to about T.I.'s future release King Uncaged.

T.I. states that some of the songs on the album are about his time he spent in prison. Since Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. has spent quite some time in prison over his lifetime, these songs better be pretty damn good. Few singles from the album have already been released like 'Ya hear me' and 'I'm back'.

Recently, I have personally talked to T.I. and since he makes his best works after spending time in prison, he said he is welcoming suggestions from the public that will help him accelerate his journey back there soon.

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  1. next time u talk to him personally, tell him hes not the king, hes a dumbass thug. and no, lebron isn't the king either.