Friday, August 6, 2010


While driving the other day, I witnessed something that was very disturbing and aggrevating. A group of 10-15 people were holding signs that were accusing the current president of completely bogus allegations. They read "Obama was born in Iraq" "Obama trained in Al-queda" etc..

I have not found a political path to follow yet, but no matter what party affiliation, this was completely ludicrous. America is a great country for many reasons, especially because of the First Amendment which gives Americans the right to exercise free speech, but this was senseless speech.
So tomorrow I might go stand behind them with my own signs, and put out some ideas of mine that will blend right in.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are members of the Klan.

Hillary Clinton is an Ex- Playmate.

Dick Cheney was an undercover sniper in Vietnam.

Monica Lewinsky knows how to do laundry.

Howard Dean attends anger management classes.

George W. Bush is the founder of the Poetry Society of America.

I hope I've made my point.

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  1. Ok this is too funny. And really clever... good writing!